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[Bacula-devel] Optimizing disk based backups


I realize that Bacula was originally developed for tape based backup
systems, but disk space is becoming more inexpensive everyday. It is
cheaper and more reliable to maintain a system which uses disk based
mediums to store backup data. The problem is that disk based restores
are unnecessarily slow, due to the linear nature of the backup

I am addressing this problem because at some point it would be
necessary to access old backup archives should anyone implement an
rsync or xdelta type enhancement for Bacula. Perhaps instead of
storing individual file locations in the catalog, an index of the
backup could be stored at the beginning or end of a volume, so that
unnecessary "forward spacing" would no longer be needed for disk based
volumes. This extra would also make the process of recovering catalog
information from volumes much less painful.

Just a suggestion..

Michael Short
(901) 233-9926

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