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[Bacula-devel] Cross-compiling with mingw32

Hello everyone!

I have recently installed Bacula on Windows, and it works just fine. The problem
is: I'd like it to use MySQL instead of SQLite.

The best way I found to do this is to cross-compile Bacula with mingw32 (correct
me if there is a simpler method).

I read the README.mingw32 file, and tried to run the "build-win32-cross-tools"
after checking that texinfo, flex, bison, m4, etc. were correctly installed.

Unfortunately, the script chokes while building binutils, saying that "makeinfo"
was not found, even though it clearly exists in /usr/bin/makeinfo.

The exact error is:
*** Makeinfo is missing. Info documentation will not be built.
ternary.c:144:attention : ‘ternary_recursivesearch’ defined but not used

... removed lines ...

make[3]: ***
bfd.info] Erreur 1

Does anyone have indications or tips? I'd be very thankful!

P.S.: Sorry for my sloppy English!

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