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[Bacula-devel] Patch: Status Command Changes The Job Type

This has been discussed a few times. My original email is below.

In a nutshell: if a "status director" command is issued using the
console AND there is at least one scheduled job reported, then the
console session will cause num_jobs_run to be incremented when the
console disconnects.

The attached patch (which I have been running live now for several
weeks, and also passes the regression tests against trunk) fixes
this. I had to implement option (1) from my original email. (2) did
not work at all, for various reasons.

The patch does 2 things:

1) Saves and restores the console JCR's job type

2) Only increments num_jobs_run if jcr->JobId > 0


-------- Original Message --------
Subject: Status Command Changes The Job Type
Date: Wed, 13 Feb 2008 20:23:21 +0000
From: Allan Black <Allan.Black@xxxxxxxxxxxxx>
To: bacula-devel@xxxxxxxxxxxxxxxxxxxxx

Just had a look at ua_status.c, because of something which
has been annoying me for a while.

If there are any scheduled jobs, the "st dir" command causes
num_jobs_run to be incremented when the console disconnects.

[ I noticed this while I was testing a script, and could not
understand why the "jobs run since started" kept increasing
every time I ran it ]

What is happening is this:

The console's JCR starts off with its JobType set to JT_ADMIN.
The list_scheduled_jobs() function calls prt_runtime() on any
jobs in the sched list. prt_runtime re-uses the console's JCR
to emulate the job which is being examined, and to do so, it
has to change some of the JCR's values.

In particular, prt_runtime() calls complete_jcr_for_job(),
which in turn calls set_jcr_defaults(), which sets the JCR's
JobType to be the Job's JobType, i.e. JT_BACKUP.

prt_runtime() restores the JCR's db field to its original
value (which is in the UAContext), but not any of the other

As a result, when the console disconnects, the director frees
the JCR and increments num_jobs_run, because jcr->JobType is
set to JT_BACKUP.

This is a trivial bug, but of more concern to me is the fact
that the console's JCR has been 'corrupted'.

I would like to fix this, but would appreciate your opinions
on the correct way to go about it:

1) Restore the JobType to the correct value at the end of
prt_runtime(), either by saving it, or by explicitly
setting it to JT_ADMIN (I would probably prefer to
save/restore, just in case).

2) Create and destroy a new JCR object in prt_runtime()
instead of re-using the console's JCR.

I think 2 is technically the correct way to do it, since
there may be other fields in the JCR which are changed, but
it may be more difficult.


Index: src/dird/ua_status.c
--- src/dird/ua_status.c	(revision 7004)
+++ src/dird/ua_status.c	(working copy)
@@ -432,7 +432,9 @@
    bool close_db = false;
    JCR *jcr = ua->jcr;
    MEDIA_DBR mr;
+   int orig_jobtype;
+   orig_jobtype = jcr->JobType;
    memset(&mr, 0, sizeof(mr));
    if (sp->job->JobType == JT_BACKUP) {
       jcr->db = NULL;
@@ -475,6 +477,7 @@
       db_close_database(jcr, jcr->db);
    jcr->db = ua->db;                  /* restore ua db to jcr */
+   jcr->JobType = orig_jobtype;
Index: src/lib/jcr.c
--- src/lib/jcr.c	(revision 7004)
+++ src/lib/jcr.c	(working copy)
@@ -405,7 +405,7 @@
 #ifdef DEBUG
 void b_free_jcr(const char *file, int line, JCR *jcr)
-   struct s_last_job *je, last_job;
+   struct s_last_job *je;
    Dmsg3(dbglvl, "Enter free_jcr jid=%u from %s:%d\n", jcr->JobId, file, line);
@@ -413,7 +413,7 @@
 void free_jcr(JCR *jcr)
-   struct s_last_job *je, last_job;
+   struct s_last_job *je;
    Dmsg3(dbglvl, "Enter free_jcr jid=%u use_count=%d Job=%s\n", 
          jcr->JobId, jcr->use_count(), jcr->Job);
@@ -453,23 +453,23 @@
    case JT_MIGRATE:
    case JT_COPY:
    case JT_ADMIN:
-      num_jobs_run++;
-      last_job.Errors = jcr->Errors;
-      last_job.JobType = jcr->JobType;
-      last_job.JobId = jcr->JobId;
-      last_job.VolSessionId = jcr->VolSessionId;
-      last_job.VolSessionTime = jcr->VolSessionTime;
-      bstrncpy(last_job.Job, jcr->Job, sizeof(last_job.Job));
-      last_job.JobFiles = jcr->JobFiles;
-      last_job.JobBytes = jcr->JobBytes;
-      last_job.JobStatus = jcr->JobStatus;
-      last_job.JobLevel = jcr->JobLevel;
-      last_job.start_time = jcr->start_time;
-      last_job.end_time = time(NULL);
       /* Keep list of last jobs, but not Console where JobId==0 */
-      if (last_job.JobId > 0) {
+      if (jcr->JobId > 0) {
+         num_jobs_run++;
          je = (struct s_last_job *)malloc(sizeof(struct s_last_job));
-         memcpy((char *)je, (char *)&last_job, sizeof(last_job));
+         je->Errors = jcr->Errors;
+         je->JobType = jcr->JobType;
+         je->JobId = jcr->JobId;
+         je->VolSessionId = jcr->VolSessionId;
+         je->VolSessionTime = jcr->VolSessionTime;
+         bstrncpy(je->Job, jcr->Job, sizeof(je->Job));
+         je->JobFiles = jcr->JobFiles;
+         je->JobBytes = jcr->JobBytes;
+         je->JobStatus = jcr->JobStatus;
+         je->JobLevel = jcr->JobLevel;
+         je->start_time = jcr->start_time;
+         je->end_time = time(NULL);
          if (!last_jobs) {
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