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Re: [Bacula-devel] Copy Jobs Selection


I am very pleased to see that someone is trying out this feature, and even 
more surprised that it works, because although I implemented the code to do 
the Copy, I have never had the time to run it.

One thing that you should test VERY carefully is restores after a Copy.  I do 
not know exactly what Bacula is going to do when it finds multiple jobs that 
started at *exactly* the same time.  It could very likely get confused.  My 
intention was to test this later and to try to find some solution that allows 
the user to make some intelligent choice of what is used for the restore.  
Please do not underestimate the potential problems with restore and this new 

Concerning your question about how to Copy only those jobs that have not 
already been copied:  well, that is an extremely good question, and now that 
you mention it, this is clearly something that users are going to want to do, 
so Bacula *should* have some easy way to do it.  I need to do a bit of 
research over the next couple of days to see what the best way to do it is -- 
it is unfortunately not a question I can answer without careful examination 
of the code (in particular the entries in the SQL database).  I'll also see 
if I can look into the problems of restores as well.

If you haven't heard back from my by Friday of this week, it means that I have 
gotten distracted (too many things going on with Bacula these days), so 
please in that case send me a reminder email.

Please let me know what sort of results you get with doing restores.

Best regards,


On Tuesday 20 May 2008 16:52:14 Ulrich Leodolter wrote:
> hello,
> yesterday i dropped bacula 2.2.8 test installation
> and compiled/installed the current bacula version from svn
> (Revision: 6995) ... because i like to test "Copy Jobs".
> i also simplified the config while migrating 5 test clients
> and defined two pools
> Pool {
>   Name = DiskBackup
>   Pool Type = Backup
>   Recycle = yes
>   RecyclePool = DiskBackup
>   AutoPrune = yes
>   Volume Retention = 30 days
>   Maximum Volume Bytes = 2G
>   Label Format = Backup-
>   Next Pool = DiskCopy
> }
> Pool {
>   Name = DiskCopy
>   Pool Type = Copy
>   Storage = Tape
>   Copy Pool = DiskBackup
>   Recycle = yes
>   AutoPrune = yes
>   Volume Retention = 6 months
> # Label Format = BAC
> }
> tonight full backups to DiskBackup pool completed without problems.
> today i've manually started a CopyDiskToTape job
> Job {
>   Name = "CopyDiskToTape"
>   Type = Copy
>   Client = troll-fd
>   Level = Full                  # must be defined, but is ignored
>   FileSet = "Full Set"          # must be defined, but is ignored
>   Pool = DiskBackup
>   Storage = File
>   Messages = Standard
>   Selection Type = PoolTime
>   Maximum Concurrent Jobs = 10
>   SpoolData = yes
> }
> copy jobs run fine and all full DiskBackup are copied to pool
> DiskCopy (Tape).
> as you can see "Selection Type = PoolTime",  but i did not specify
> "Migration Time = ..." in DiskBackup.
> i would like to run the "CopyDiskToTape" job every morning after
> nightly DiskBackup jobs completed.
> how can i simply select only "new DiskBackup" jobs which have no Copy ??
> do i need "Selection Type = SQLQuery" where sql selects
> jobs which have StartTime > LastCopyDiskToTape.StarTime ??
> Thanks

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