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Re: [Bacula-devel] patch: bat trunk: improve joblog formatting

Yes, ordering by jobid would nicely show all current jobs first and also 
avoid using a multi-field ordering.
Having a single field order could also allow making table headers 
clickable and sortable, like Marc proposed (with multi-field there's no 
way to return to the original ordering without using dirty tricks).
I like it.

One caveat: AFAIK ordering by jobid orders by queuing time, while the 
current ordering (by starttime,jobid) gives you jobs by effective start.
I don't care much, but perhaps others have different needs.

What do you think ?

Still, I wonder why you want to keep around old jobs who newer ran, 
instead of just deleting them. That would keep your display nice and 
clean :-)
Seriously, I'm fairly new to bacula and perhaps there's some useful 
trick to learn here.


Kern Sibbald wrote:
> On Thursday 15 May 2008 07:43:50 rghetta wrote:
>> Hello Kern,
>> yes, I've changed the ordering from
>> 	job.starttime desc, job.jobid desc
>> to
>> 	job.starttime=0 desc, job.starttime desc, job.jobid desc
>> exactly to show records with starttime zero before the others.
>> I've done that because I had to scroll to the bottom to see the
>> scheduled-but-not-already-started jobs.
>> I thought that change was an improvement, sorry :-)
> Nothing to be sorry about.  If we don't experiment, we might miss some good 
> ideas.  The only question is whether or not the current behavior is what we 
> really want.
> What you did made sense, and I suppose I wouldn't have a problem seeing 
> scheduled jobs, but I also seem to see all the old jobs that were scheduled 
> but didn't actually run.  
> Perhaps if you modify your sort to put the JobId first in the sort sequence, 
> it would possibly resolve the problem.
> Another suggestion might be to sort by EndTime possibly pushing any jobs with 
> a zero end time to the end of the list???
> Kern

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