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Re: [Bacula-devel] Bug 1083 again...maybe

Kern Sibbald wrote:
> To answer the above question.  If you can reproduce this on version 2.2.10-b3, 
> yes, I think you should file a new bug report.  

Filed as bug 1086.

> However, your summary item that I have included below looks *exactly* like the 
> problem I found.  Bacula "forgets" to unload element 34 that is in drive 1 
> because of a bug (I stored the slot number in the wrong device).  This 
> *should* be fixed in version 2.2.10-b3.  

Bug 1086 is related to 1083, but happens under a different set of 
conditions. An SD log is attached to the bug report. It still forgets to 
unload the next appendable volume from one drive before loading it into 
another, however it must be for a different reason. The same sequence of 
steps that failed prior to b3 (bug 1083) now work. It now fails when a 
waiting job (ie. FD is turned off and can't connect) is assigned to the 
drive containing the next appendable volume, then another job runs, is 
assigned to another drive, and tries to swap the volume.

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