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Re: [Bacula-devel] Auto upgrade clients.


09.05.2008 09:11, Michel Meyers wrote:
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> Andreas Piesk wrote:
> | i think upgrading software like bacula clients should be left to
> | software designed for that. almost every company has such a software
> | distribution system, especially if we talk about a large number of
> | installations.
> I agree with most opinions out there in that, there's already systems
> that can handle upgrading the Bacula clients and people should use them.

I agree, too (though the project to make Bacula upgrade its clients 
and SDs itself would surely be fun).

> But while everybody mentions these deployment systems I though we should
> probably document HOW to use them. I know we've had several mailing list
> posts with different methods (I myself posted my 'push it via SMB/CIFS'
> scripts and mentioned OCS Inventory NG) but if we had some official
> documentation, HOWTOs specific to Bacula client deployment, links, etc
> for people, they might not even need the auto-upgrade feature.

That's something where our resources are more useful IMO.

> Would this be worth dedicating a section of the manual to? And who can
> create/assemble that documentation? (I could contribute the way I
> upgrade my Win32 clients with OCS Inventory NG.)

Having a manual section describing the different ways to keep the 
software up to date would be a valuable thing. Even if we or Kern or 
whoever decides that auto-upgrading Bacula would be implemented such a 
manual section would hold the needed knowledge to implement it. I 
think if some people with reasonable experience put their schemes into 
the wiki that would be a good start.

Arno Lehmann
IT-Service Lehmann

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