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Re: [Bacula-devel] Auto upgrade clients.

> I would like to solicit comments about an auto upgrade feature for
> clients.

I think it's outside the scope of what Bacula should be doing,
especially in enterprise or other configuration-controlled environments.
You would have to teach Bacula so much about packaging and package
management systems that you'd significantly impact the behavior of the
code. Are you going to teach it about SMP/E or VM SES/E? VMSINSTAL?
Every possible variation of Linux packaging method? I don't think so,
and it'd be a waste of your time if you did. 

As someone else commented, if you have this problem to the point that
it's a pain point, you need to solve it more generically. Having a dozen
different individual applications try to do it their own way is a Bad

That said, if you want to start a separate project to build a really
good configuration management system, that would be REALLY useful. All
the alternatives really, really suck. Cfengine, puppet, etc are all
interesting starts, but that's not what a backup and recovery system
should be doing. 

-- db

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