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Re: [Bacula-devel] Auto upgrade clients.

Kern Sibbald <kern@xxxxxxxxxxx> writes:

> However, it is something that is becoming critical -- I saw one user
> report that he is backing up 10,000 server machines with Bacula -- can
> you imagine the problems of upgrading the File daemons on those
> machines!

Upgrading them is not Bacula's job.  Software maintenance (installing,
configuring, upgrading and patching) is a whole separate kettle of fish,
and there are good tools out there to help you do it.  If those ten
thousand machines aren't under some such scheme, there are much bigger
problems to fix before worrying about upgrading Bacula -- and if they
are, the sysadmins in charge should not allow the backup admin to
upgrade his file daemons using some other mechanism.

Besides, expanding Bacula to handle this quite complex task, and dealing
with all the problems that are sure to arise from this, is going to
steal attention and resources from the important work: maintaining and
improving its real function.

Self documenting code isn't. User application constraints don't. --Ed Prochak

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