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Re: [Bacula-devel] [Bacula-users] Auto upgrade clients.

There are probably a few other considerations as well.  Though it could be
possible, I am not sure this can be put into the next release.  However, it
is something that is becoming critical -- I saw one user report that he is
backing up 10,000 server machines with Bacula -- can you imagine the problems
of upgrading the File daemons on those machines!

Comments would be appreciated.


Is it really critical for bacula to handle that ?
If you manage hundreds of bacula client, I guess you already have some central management.
And if you don't, wouldn't it be more productive to setup a neutral tool that can also manage other pieces of software ?

I haven't personnally had the chance to go that far so I probably have missed some points. This is just the way I'd try at first to get things working.


Mikael Kermorgant
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