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Re: [Bacula-devel] Patch: formatting for media and storage trees on bat

Hello Riccardo,

On Thursday 08 May 2008 07:31:38 rghetta wrote:
> Hello all,
> IMHO since Dirk reports problems with his configuration, it's better to
> hold the patches until the matter is resolved.

Yes, for the Branch-2.2 we don't want to take any chances of breaking it.

> Along with the new code, my patches also contained a backport of some
> small fixes (for column resizing on storage/fileset, and distinct on
> joblist) already done on trunk, but missing on 2.2
> I think those should definitely go in. If you want, I can concoct a
> specific patch.

Yes, please make a patch for the conservative items that you know work and 
should be backported to Branch-2.2, and send it to me and the devel list.  
I'll take a careful look at it.  This is the kind of item that I would like 
to backport.

> Also, the media tree slot field is currently useless if you have a
> changer, because you can't tell which tape is available.
> I guess the lowest risk path will be adding an inchanger field to the
> tree. The change will be minimal.

I don't mind minor improvements to Branch-2.2 providing they have little 
chance of breaking it -- bat is now becoming quite important.  If you can do 
it very conservatively, please add it to the above patch.  If you have doubts 
(I hope not), you could submit a separate patch (I prefer one patch).

By the way, I noticed that in the Media report (I think) on the 2.2 bat, the 
Enabled column appears twice.

Concerning Autochangers and knowing what is where, I have been considering 
adding a new "status slots" command that will explicitly return what slots 
the Autochanger thinks are available.  This would be something for the trunk, 
but I think it could help users a lot, because currently when working with an 
Autochanger, one is a bit blind ...

One change that I would like to see before 2.2.10 ships (probably in several 
weeks) is to make qwt optional by #ifdefing it out.  This would vastly 
simplify the building of bat and probably significantly encourage its use.

Also, Riccardo, there may be a project that would interest you, and that is 
translating Bat.  We have it partially translated into French, but the 
problem is that we have not been careful enough in the source code to flag 
all the translatable strings, and much worse, in a number of places, we have 
strings coming from the Director that may or may not be translated depending 
on the state of the Director.  This makes doing any translation of bat a very 
delicate and difficult job.  It really needs a lot of thought.

It seems to me that ideally, the API should all be in English and never 
translated (currently parts of it may inadvertently get translated), and then 
the Director should inform bat what language the main Director strings are in 
(i.e. are they in English or Italian).  That could help bat making 
intelligent choices of how to handle things -- particularly column headings 
and the such.

> Dirk, what do you think ? Am I on the right track ?

Yes, thanks, you are helping a lot.

Best regards,


PS: I have copied the bacula-devel list so that they know a bit of what is 
going on.  This will surely interest Eric who has been having problems I 
mentioned above with the French translation of bat that has been urgently 
requested by Mandriva.

> Regards,
> Riccardo
> Kern Sibbald wrote:
> > Hello Dirk and Riccardo,
> >
> > On Wednesday 07 May 2008 03:20:50 Dirk Bartley wrote:
> >> Hello Ricardo
> >>
> >> I have committed the patch exactly as you sent it to me.  I am having a
> >> little issue.  My bacula-dir.conf says autochanger= no for one of my
> >> storages and the database has a one it for that storage.
> >>
> >> I don't have autochangers.  I'm wondering if people would prefer to have
> >> the tape list show or not show if they have no changer.  I'm certainly
> >> getting unexpected results.  Not all tapes are showing but some are.
> >>
> >> I'll figure it out when I have more time.
> >>
> >> Oh, I also want to have bat remember whether the tree should be expanded
> >> or not like the media list.
> >>
> >> Thanks a million
> >>
> >> Oh, about the 2.2 branch,  I've never committed to a release branch like
> >> that.  I'm not sure if that is something we could or should not do???  I
> >> have no problem with it if kern does not.
> >
> > Could one of the two of you send me a single patch for the 2.2 Branch. 
> > It is our stable branch, so anything that goes into it must be carefully
> > tested, and guaranteed not to cause problems.  I'll look over the patch,
> > and then Dirk can you tell me if you foresee any problems and let me know
> > how it is working in the trunk.
> >
> > Based on the above, I can then decide if it is appropriate for 2.2.x.
> > Actually, the next beta will probably go out today, but I cannot possibly
> > put the patch into that version.
> >
> > Best regards,
> >
> > Kern

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