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[Bacula-devel] Bacula 2.2.10-b2 BETA released to Source Forge


This morning, I have released Bacula BETA 2.2.10-b2 source tar files and win32 
binaries to the respective Bacula beta sections of Source Forge.  My 
apologies if you received two notifications, but I tried the release last 
night and it was impossible due to severe overloading of Source Forge.  This 
morning the load was lighter making the release possible.

This release is an extension of all the prior 2.2.9 and the 2.2.10-b1 beta 
releases.  It has been quite stable over the last week in the automatic 
regression (some failures were due to insufficient disk space).  This release 
should correct a good number of the problems with dual drive autochangers.  
However, there are still one or two (hopefully minor problems) for which I am 
currently testing a fix (not in the 2.2.10-b2 release).

I would appreciate if all the users who have had dual drive autochanger 
problems would give 2.2.10-b2 a try and report their results.

The changes since version 2.2.10-b1 are:

Beta Release Version 2.2.10-b2
kes  Rework SD acquire for read to handle autochanger Volume
kes  Implement regression that explicitly tests swapping a Volume
     from one drive to another.
kes  Enhance disk-changer to detect most error conditions.
kes  Fix SD code so that it properly swaps a Volume between drives.
     This fixes bug #1083.
kes  Prevent a Volume that is being swapped from being freed from
     the volume list. This will most likely fix, at least partially,
     bug #1083.
kes  Fix strippath so that it does not get a buffer overrun and crash FD.
     This fixes bug #1078.
kes  Make inability to change owner/group when creating a dir only a
     warning rather than an error.
ebl  Fix SQL query in migration code
kes  Force unload of volume when wrong volume mounted in SD.
kes  Fix bat seg fault at termination.
kes  Add Bacula generated version to bat about box.

Best regards,


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