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Re: [Bacula-devel] bug ? backup fails, subsequent verify tries to check previous backup


On Sunday 04 May 2008 17:22:49 rghetta wrote:
> Hi,
> yesterday one of my backup job failed because a beforerun script had the
>   wrong path, so nothing was backed up.

This is configurable.

> Afterward, the verify job ignored the failed backup and started to check
>   the previous (successful) run, prompting for different media and
> blocking subsequent jobs.
> Is this a bug or verify selects only successful jobs ?

What do you want to verify with a failed job ? I think that it's not a bug, 
but a feature :)

> I've expecting the verify either to fail (because the backup failed) or
> complete without doing nothing (because no files were written).

You can use a runbefore job command to check if the previous backup
was OK. If the command fails, the verify job will be canceled.

You can also use MaxRunTime option on you verify job.


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