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Re: [Bacula-devel] Clone jobs and pool

On Thursday 10 April 2008 10:43:53 Bastian Friedrich wrote:
> Hi,
> when using "clone jobs" (i.e. "run" statements inside a job), the target
> pool for the cloned jobs is set/defined by the respective "JobDefs"
> statement. In many cases (well, in my case, that is ;), it may be more
> sensible to back up to the same pool as the original pool.
> By using the attached patch, one can use a "pool=%p" in the run statement
> to do this. The patch uses the callback code that I have submitted a while
> ago (in the thread "Accessing fileset in lib/util.c?"); this code has been
> in the public svn for a while now.
> Sorry for not providing a docu patch :(
> Thx, best regards,
>    Bastian

I don't think I mentioned, but your code is now integrated into my working 
directory, and it will be submitted as soon as the regression tests run.

Thanks for your contributions.

Also thanks for sending in the FLA.  I now have notification that FSFE 
received it.

Best regards,


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