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[Bacula-devel] Win32 reparse points (junction points and volume mount points)


I am now trying to work on the problems that the two of you are having with 
the Bacula FD and Win32 reparse points. Christian's problems are indicated in 
bug #1041, and Bob's problems are mentioned in a recent email.  I believe 
that both of your problems are due to the same basic problem -- the Win32 FD 
does not yet fully handle reparse points correctly.

I am having three problems working on this:

1. The two of you have indicated exactly opposite problems for version 
2.2.10-b1. Christian cannot get it to descend into mount points and Bob sees 
it descending into junction points (to be confirmed).   I could probably 
resolve this were it not for the next problem ...

2. I am unable to create any mount points on my computer (Windows Vista 
Business).  I have tried setting a mount point to both a removable USB key 
that I can easily mount, and to the CDROM drive, which I can also easily 
mount, and I have tried both via the command line using "mountvol" and in the 
Control Administrative Tools.  With the command line I get "access denied", 
with the Control Panel, the button to assign a path is always grayed out.  My 
account is running as administrator of the machine.

3. There are two additional partitions on my hard disk that could potentially 
be used for testing.  One is the Sony  NTFS recovery partition, into which I 
can boot.  However, via the control panel, I am unable to assign it a drive 
letter -- it is just grayed out.  The second partition is an unformatted 
partition (very small).  It too is always grayed out.  It is as if I have no 
access or write permissions even though I am adminstrator.

Anyway, right at the moment, I have no way to test this and so no way to 
efficiently resolve the problem.  At the moment, this problem is my number 
one priority, so if you could give me feedback as quickly as possible, it 
would be much appreciated as I only have a limited time to spend on this.

If any one else on these lists knows why I am blocked please let me know.

Best regards,


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