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[Bacula-devel] vtape

Hello Eric,

For those of you who don't know what vtape is -- it is a virtual tape driver 
that Eric wrote that simulates a real tape drive but using disk -- it is no 
small programming accomplishment!

Nice work!  I just "converted" my test regression case so that it is 
vtape/tape neutral.  It works like a charm.  One can switch back and forth 
between vtape and real tape by simply changing:


or vise-versa and then running:

make sed

I ran my test tests/two-vol-manual-tape both with a real tape drive and using 
vtape with the above procedure and diffed the output.  The only differences 
were due to dates and timing (i.e. vtape runs much faster) -- everything else 
in the debug output listing was identical.

I'm looking forward to finishing up version 2.4.1 using vtape (*much* faster) 
so you can move all the @xxx@ variables to the environment, and then there 
will be no need to even run the "make sed" script to switch between real tape 
and virtual tape.

Thanks again for the nice work.

Best regards,


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