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[Bacula-devel] Programming bounty


A Bacula user has kindly offered a $500 bounty for implementing Consolidation 
(Synthetic Full backup) project, which if I remember right is number 3 in the 
projects list.  

To do it, you need to be able to compile, build, and test Bacula as well as 
program in C with some knowledge of C++.  The actual programming is not 
really hard as models of 95% of the code exists elsewhere in Bacula, so it is 
a matter of pulling together different pieces.  I'll be available to help 
organize the project.  It must be ready for beta testing by the end of July 
or the first week or so of August.

If anyone is interested, please let me know by Saturday.  If you haven't 
submitted a significant previous patch, please give a bit of background about 
your qualifications.  If there is more than one response, we'll do our best 
to find a reasonable way to choose one programmer.

Best regards,


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