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Re: [Bacula-devel] regression tests: test daemon start first

On Thursday 12 June 2008 08:30:23 Thomas Mueller wrote:
> hi
> if build fails and not all daemons can start or there is an db error, it
> doesn't make much sense to run all tests an wait for timeout or status
> failed.
> so i created a new test "pretest" as CTEST_CUSTOM_PRE_TEST  which checks
> if bacula-fd,sd,dir are running and a simple bconsole command doesn't
> fail. if something fails, it exits with 1.
> also i added a return statement to function run_bacula, so that test
> scripts can know about the bconsole termination status.
> for me ctest returns 8 for status code "pretest failed, submission
> successfull".

Yes, I am a bit worried that letting a return code of 8 pass is not correct.  
We will see ...

> patches for trunk and branch-2.4 attached.
> nightly-experimental-pretest.trunk.patch applies also to branch-2.4.
> attention: new executable file tests/pretest


The code is now in my source tree and being tested.  I'll commit later today.

Best regards,


> - Thomas

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