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Re: [Bacula-devel] [Bacula-beta] Release 2.4.0 cut please note changes !!!!!!

On Thursday 05 June 2008 08:02:15 Thomas Mueller wrote:
> hi
> >> This is to let you know that I have converted version 2.2.10-b5 into
> >> version 2.4.0 and committed it to the SVN.  Releasing 2.4.0 (to be done
> >> tonight or tomorrow) makes more sense because it makes it clear that
> >> there are a lot of changes.
> >>
> >> Branch:
> >> For developers who want to commit to the "branch", please take careful
> >> note that you will need to checkout Branch-2.4   All new releases will
> >> be made off that branch, and the old Branch-2.2 is obsolete.
> >
> > For those running nightly regress tests, does this mean that we should
> > focus on Branch-2.4 and trunk, and not worry about Branch-2.2 anymore?
> general question: on which branches should i run the tests? now i do
> only trunk.

During development, the most important is to test the trunk.  Prior to, 
during, and just after releases, it is *very* helpful to also test the most 
recent branch.  As of yesterday, the most recent branch is Branch-2.4. 

The Branch code is constantly updated as we fix bugs, and Bacula releases from 
the current Branch (minor updates) typically occur every couple of months.  

A change in the major level (e.g. 2.2 -> 2.4) and thus the need to checkout a 
new branch occurs roughly every 9 months to a year.  

I personally test both the branch and the trunk every night.

Thanks for your interest in Bacula and for testing.

Thanks to the other users who are testing too :-)

Best regards,


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