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Re: [Bacula-devel] Remaining dual changer problems

Kern Sibbald wrote:
> I am considering disabling the "Prefer Mounted Volumes = no"  because it is 
> the feature that creates a tremendous amount of extra work in Bacula.  Rather 
> than use that feature (which currently does not work or leads to failures), I 
> recommend that to simultaneously write multiple volumes use multiple pools.  

It mostly seems to work for me with my two drive autochanger, although I 
think I've seen the race condition you posted about a couple of times in 
the last month.

The pluses I see to keeping the prefer mounted volumes option...

- The autochanger I use is quite inexpensive on the used market and 
expandable to 6 drives.  (As are many others as soon as they go off 
warrantee). Not having to reconfigure lots of bacula clients (which 
would also cause it to re-run fulls) when I added a 2nd drive was great. 
  I presume I wouldn't have to reconfigure clients/add a pool with most 
backup systems but I've not used any of the big ones personally.  Within 
the next year I'll probably be expanding to 3 drives.  It would also be 
nice not to have to change too much if I have a drive failure and need 
to temporarily run with fewer drives.

- In theory, if there's a problem with one backup running way slow the 
queued backups should all be handled properly by other drives.  Also, if 
a drive dies on a weekend the rest of the weekend's backups should still 
run albeit they'll take longer to complete.

- Restores would also be more complicated since after the transition 
you'd have to figure out which pool was used in the more recent backup.

Somebody will surely correct me if I'm wrong, but I believe most 
commercial backup software can properly deal with two or more drives 
operating out of the same pool, so eliminating this ability will 
eliminate one of the features bacula has which compares well to 
commercial software.


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