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[Bacula-devel] Release 2.4.0 cut please note changes !!!!!!


This is to let you know that I have converted version 2.2.10-b5 into version 
2.4.0 and committed it to the SVN.  Releasing 2.4.0 (to be done tonight or 
tomorrow) makes more sense because it makes it clear that there are a lot of 

For developers who want to commit to the "branch", please take careful note 
that you will need to checkout Branch-2.4   All new releases will be made off 
that branch, and the old Branch-2.2 is obsolete.  

You can checkout the branch with:

svn checkout https://bacula.svn.sf.net/svnroot/bacula/branches/Branch-2.4

Note the old "technotes-2.1" is now "technotes-2.3"

Also, files within the trunk have been modified to indicate that it is version 
2.5.0.  You will need to do an update on the trunk, but it does not need a 
fresh checkout (unless that is what you want to do).   The 
old "technotes-2.3" is now technotes-2.5 in the trunk.

Best regards,


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