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[Bacula-devel] Copy Jobs and Pruning


my bacula setup (current svn version) runs since 2 weeks, 
as described in Subject: Copy Jobs Selection.

my CopyDiskToTape job runs daily, sql query does the job selection.
(started manually because bacula shares the tape library
with EMC networker, which hopefully will be replaced by bacula)

DiskBackup pool has Volume Retention = 15 days
DiskCopy pool has Volume Retention = 6 months

Client File Retention = 14 days

today first files are automatically pruned from catalog
based on Client File Retention right?
but files are pruned from both poll's and
that's not what i intended.

how can i keep catalog files from DiskCopy volumes for longer time?
lets say 6 months, as long as the Volume Retention.
the estimated mysql database size for 6 months is about 35G, i think
that should be no problem?

i would also ok to disable automatic file pruning in DiskCopy pool,
but i need automatic pruning and recycle in DiskBackup poll.

Ulrich Leodolter <ulrich.leodolter@xxxxxxxx>

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