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Re: [Bacula-devel] Regression Dashboard


>> i've got a intel dual dual core with 4GB ram box standing around waiting
>>   for some workload.
>> i could install a small number of linux distros as virtual machines.
> Nice, we would appreciate that.
>> just tell me which ones are needed or on the wishlist. then i try to set
>> up the whole thing.

> Currently we have some coverate for Ubuntu, openSUSE, Fedora, Mandrive, 
> FreeBSD, and CentOS (RHEL).
> As there are a lot of Debian servers out there, that would probably be my 
> first choice for having regression testing.  Then I would say Slackware and 
> Gentoo which are not covered at all.

so i've set up the 3 vm's with

- debian etch
- debian lenny
- slackware 12.1

i've enabled/disabled "--with-readline --disable-conio" for debian. for 
slackware this din't work altough readline was available in 
/usr/include/readline/* (same palce as in debian). so i disabled it for 

after the first run with slackware which provided many failures because 
of readline and mysql not being correctly configured, i ran it again but 
results arent updated in dashboard 
  Is it just possible to run it once a day?

> Of course, if you can get your hands on a Solaris for i386, that would be 
> really nice to see tested.

as i never used solaris by know this can take a little longer. :)

- Thomas

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