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[Bacula-devel] Automatic volume recycling not working without bacula restart (2.3.22 SVN)


I'm running Bacula 2.3.22 SVN development version (from last thursday or so)
on CentOS 5.1 x86 and I've noticed a reproducible problem..

My pool looks like this:

Pool {
  Name = Pool1
  Pool Type = Backup
  Recycle = yes
  AutoPrune = yes
  Maximum Volume Jobs = 1
  Use Volume Once = yes
  Maximum Volume Bytes = 256M
  Volume Retention = 1 min
  Maximum Volumes = 8
  Label Format =
  Label Format = "Pool1-Vol-"
  Storage = FileStorage1

The problem is with recycling of the volumes.. as you can see the volume
retention time is 1 minute, and there's a small MB limit for each volume for
easy testing.. 

Ok.. so I start from scratch with an empty mysql database. When all of the volumes
are either Full or Used, bacula starts saying "Cannot find any appendable volumes" and
"Please use the "label"  command to create a new Volume for"..

In my testing setup it takes 2 full backup jobs to get all the volumes
used/full, so the third full backup job is the one that doesn't work anymore
because the volumes are not recycled..

When I list the volumes with "list media pool=Pool1" everything looks
correct.. VolStatus is either Full or Used for all volumes, Recycle flag is
set and VolRetention is 60 seconds just like it should be.. and still bacula
doesn't detect anything to prune/recycle.

The interesting part is that when I now stop bacula (all daemons), and then
restart them it starts to work.. now bacula automatically prunes/recycles the

Any idea what's causing this? I've tried this at least 4 times now..
dropping the database, logs and all volumes between test runs and it's
always the same.. without bacula daemon(s) restart it doesn't work.

-- Pasi

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