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Re: [Bacula-devel] Bacula regression

Kern Sibbald wrote:
> I would appreciate it if everyone could try the latest SVN code.  In general 
> after pulling it down, you need to do a "make distclean" to get it to 
> synchronize correctly -- i.e. to start from scratch ...

Much better .... ctest did everything that time, whereas before, I had to run
make setup by hand first.

A couple of things -

I ran ctest twice (the first time I had forgotten to set LDFLAGS). The first
time, it had to update from SVN and I got this:

Determine Nightly Start Time
   Specified time: 21:00:00 EST
Problem determining the current revision of the repository from output:

The second time, I was already up-to-date (of course), but I got this:

Determine Nightly Start Time
   Specified time: 21:00:00 EST
   Old revision of repository is: 6523
   Current revision of repository is: 6519
   Gathering version information (each . represents one updated file):
   Project is up-to-date

.... which looks better, but I cannot understand the revision numbers!

Also, should I still be using '-D Nightly', or should it now be
'-D Experimental'?


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