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Re: [Bacula-devel] Patch: Update Volume Command

Kern Sibbald wrote:
>> If that is OK, I am more than happy to go for it.
> Yes that is OK -- it is how I would have resolved the problem.

I will work on that, then (and also take Eric's comments into account).
When I resubmit the patch, I will include the changes I already sent, so
you can throw that patch away.

Re the director's management interface, just to be clear, I was not trying
to suggest that the design as it stands is wrong - it was just a 'philosophical'
comment on where a bit of the code sits. It is certainly not worth jeopardising
anything by pulling the director apart on a point of principle! :-)

> Just second Eric's request.  I consider the menu prompt part the principal way 
> of interacting with Bacula, and the command lines are a sort of shortcut if 

> It seems to me that such a move would be very user unfriendly, and for those 
> scripting, it would require in some cases putting 20 options on the command 
> line when only one is sufficient.

Yes, I agree absolutely - I never intended to suggest that the menu prompting
should be removed, just that the interactive part could be moved out of the
director, and into the console. The console could issue the menu prompts and
construct the command from them, in much the same way that BAT does using the
values of the widgets in its dialog boxes.

That way, the user of bconsole/gconsole etc. would not notice any difference.

> ignored and it should complain.  However, refactoring it doesn't add any new 
> functionality, which is important for Bacula right now, so this project is 
> not on the top of our list.

Indeed, it would not be trivial, because e.g. to prompt with a list of valid
pools would require a database connection, which bconsole does not have. BAT
solves this by opening its own DB connection.


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