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[Bacula-devel] Bacula regression

Hello Frank,

I have now, applied your patch, created regress.bacula.org and pointed to your 
Dart setup, and committed it all.  I've also separated the configuration of 
Dart into a separate script because it failed on a clean system when "make 
setup" had not previously been called.  I think we may need to do a bit more 
tweaking.  In addition, I have added a few new scripts -- in particular ones 
to allow me to easily run the tests totally "offline".

I am now running a full nightly regression run, so it will be interesting to 
see what it puts into the dashboard.

I would appreciate it if everyone could try the latest SVN code.  In general 
after pulling it down, you need to do a "make distclean" to get it to 
synchronize correctly -- i.e. to start from scratch ...

Best regards,


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