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Re: [Bacula-devel] Patch: Update Volume Command

> Eric Bollengier wrote:
>> Good idea, but it would be much greater if this option was available in
>> user interface (menu). Direct command line is always
>> optional/obscure/undocumented.
>> We can imagine something like
>> update -> Volume -> RecyclePool
>> 1. Default
>> 2. Scratch
>> 3. ...
>> 4. *None*     <----
>> Maybe by tweaking select_pool_dbr().
> Yes, I agree. I will look at doing that, if you like. The potential
> sticking point, though, is that functions like select_pool_dbr()
> and get_pool_dbr() are called from several places in the code, so
> introducing a *None* choice would have to be done very carefully,
> or it will become possible, for example, to label or move a tape
> into the pool *None* :-)
> I would be happy to take that on, but I think it would be necessary
> e.g. to introduce an extra argument to the function, say a boolean
> "none_is_valid" or something like that, to enable the addition of
> *None* to the menu, then modify all the calls to that function which
> occur elsewhere in the director.
> If that is OK, I am more than happy to go for it.

The select_pool_dbr has already an argument (argk) that is set to
"recycplepool" when it called. I have discuss that with kern, and it will
be more simple than adding extra (useless) argument to functions.

with something like

if (bstrcmp(argk, NT_("recyclepool"))) {
   add_prompt(ua, _("*None*"));
// do not use db_get_pool_record()


What do you think ?

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