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Re: [Bacula-devel] Patch: Update Volume Command

Eric Bollengier wrote:
> Good idea, but it would be much greater if this option was available in
> user interface (menu). Direct command line is always
> optional/obscure/undocumented.
> We can imagine something like
> update -> Volume -> RecyclePool
> 1. Default
> 2. Scratch
> 3. ...
> 4. *None*     <----
> Maybe by tweaking select_pool_dbr().

Yes, I agree. I will look at doing that, if you like. The potential
sticking point, though, is that functions like select_pool_dbr()
and get_pool_dbr() are called from several places in the code, so
introducing a *None* choice would have to be done very carefully,
or it will become possible, for example, to label or move a tape
into the pool *None* :-)

I would be happy to take that on, but I think it would be necessary
e.g. to introduce an extra argument to the function, say a boolean
"none_is_valid" or something like that, to enable the addition of
*None* to the menu, then modify all the calls to that function which
occur elsewhere in the director.

If that is OK, I am more than happy to go for it.

[ Anyone have any preferences for where the *None* choice goes?
  Beginning or end? :-) ]

As an aside, I actually think that the only direct interface to the
director should be single-line commands, with all arguments specified
as keyword=value, and any interactive functionality implemented in
the console program(s) - probably best done using a library of console

There are inconsistencies in the way the menus work - e.g. if you want
to change a volume's recycle pool, you could issue the command "update"
with no parameters, and the director will prompt you for "Update choice",
(select 1 - Volume Status), then "Parameters to modify" (select 15 -
RecyclePool). Then you will be presented with a list of pool names from
the database, to be selected by number.

If however, you issue the command as "update volume=<volumename>", the
menus work differently. You will first be presented with a menu of
"Parameters to modify" (select 15 - RecyclePool), then you will be
prompted to type the new RecyclePool name in free text, instead of a
menu of valid pools as above.


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