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Re: [Bacula-devel] Patch: Update Volume Command

Hi Allan,

Good idea, but it would be much greater if this option was available in
user interface (menu). Direct command line is always

We can imagine something like

update -> Volume -> RecyclePool
1. Default
2. Scratch
3. ...
4. *None*     <----

Maybe by tweaking select_pool_dbr().

What do you think ?


> Hi,
> The RecyclePoolId field in the Media table has a default value
> of 0, which means the pool should be left unchanged when the volume
> is recycled.
> Currently, if RecyclePoolId is changed, there is no way to change it
> back to zero again using the director (it can be done by changing the
> database table, of course).
> The attached patch makes the director accept e.g.
> update volume=volumename recyclepool=""
> to set RecyclePoolId to 0.
> Allan

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