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[Bacula-devel] CTest testers needed

Hi all,

  I have a working first pass at a Dart dashboard up and running.  Before I
call it good, though, I was hoping a few other people who are already
comfortable running regression tests could give it a try and make sure they
can generate and submit results.

If you'd like to give it a spin, here are the steps:

1. Apply the attached patch to your regression directory.

2. Edit your config file and add a SITE_NAME parameter.  This should be a
unique identifier that indicates what system this particular build is coming
from.  Throwing in a user identifier is probably a good idea too.  For example:


3. Rerun ./scripts/do_sed

4. Run cmake directly:

ctest -D Nightly -R <foo>:

where <foo> is one of:

depending on which test wrapper script you normally run.  Note the trailing
colon!  So if you normally run the all-non-root-tests script (ie, do_file) you
would run

ctest -D Nightly -R all-non-root:

This should run svn update, re-run make setup if needed, run the tests, and
submit the test results.

Once this completes (hopefully without error!) you can view the dashboard in
its temporary location at


Note that test results are rolled into the dashboard periodically rather than
instantly, so it may be up to 15 minutes or so before submitted results become

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