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Re: [Bacula-devel] Improving job schedulingflexibility

On Wednesday 27 February 2008 12.25:55 Carsten Menke wrote:
> Arno Lehmann wrote:
> > ... as it is, if you need that feature it's easily done - see Dan's
> > example. It's not a very pressing issue anyway. Given that, I assume
> > it's very unlikely that one of the regular developers spends much time
> > on it.
> I'm another oppinion, with the Commercial Backup Solutions (ARCserve,
> Tapeware for example) this is possible using the scheduler. And having
> something like this:
> {first|last} {Month|Week|Day|Mo-Fri} of the {Year|Month|Week}
> would be something I'm sure a lot of could need, as with this semantic
> (just for example) you can even schedule your yearly based backups on the
> last Friday of the year (or Saturday, Day whatever)

Why don't you submit a *detailed* Feature Request.  I'm not sure exactly what 
the above means, but it seems to me with some exceptions most of it already 
exists in Bacula -- the big exception is first and last, which I have wanted 
to do for a long time, but no one really seemed very interested.

Best regards,


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