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Re: [Bacula-devel] [Bacula-users] Improving job schedulingflexibility


27.02.2008 09:29, Carsten Menke wrote:
> Dan Langille wrote:
>> Solution so that the 4th Friday job is not run if there is a 5th Friday:
>> shell script which runs as RunBeforeJob.  Verify that today + 7 days is 
>> still this month.
>> If it is, error out and the job will not run.
> Thanx for that :-) But what I meant is, shouldn't this be possible to do with 
> the builtin scheduler?

It should, but...

> If there isn't already a feature request for it I would
> formulate one, or in my mind even better merge this requirement into the 
> existing "Make scheduling more flexible" feature request

... as it is, if you need that feature it's easily done - see Dan's 
example. It's not a very pressing issue anyway. Given that, I assume 
it's very unlikely that one of the regular developers spends much time 
on it.

So, feel free to submit a feature request, but don't expect it to be 
implemented any time soon.

If you created a working patch, though, I assume it would be quickly 


> Regards
> Carsten

Arno Lehmann
IT-Service Lehmann

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