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Re: [Bacula-devel] Reporting of regression tests

Hello Frank,

I've integrated your patch.  Many thanks.  So for developers or others running 
the regression scripts, after the next SVN update, you will need to have 
cmake (ctest) installed on your system.

If you have more time to work on it, it would be very interesting to see if 
you can hook it up with the Kitware public dashboard.  If that works, we'll 
see if Dan can get our own dashboard installed for us :-)

Best regards,


On Tuesday 26 February 2008 04.24:48 Frank Sweetser wrote:
> Kern Sibbald wrote:
> >> of tests by hand with a manually generated config.  I'll work a bit on
> >> recreating more of the existing functionality, and report back when I
> >> have a little more progress made.
> >
> > Oh, nice.  Thanks :-)
> Ok, here's a first pass.  At the moment, it basically does two things. 
> First, it creates a test definition for each test that's currently used. 
> Each test name is prefixed with the script it's currently run from, so the
> same groups of tests can still be selected out and ran.  Second, it
> replaces the direct calls to the test scripts with a ctest command that
> runs the same set of commands.  Everything else (svn update, building,
> which commands the user should run to start the tests, etc) should be
> unaffected.
> For example, all commands that were previously from all-non-root-tests are
> created with names prefixed with 'all-non-root:'.  The all-non-root-tests
> script then has all of the 'tests/foo' commands replaced with a single
> command:
> ctest -R all-non-root:
> In addition to the diff, I've also included the quickie script I used to
> create the initial DartTestfile.txt.in (the ctest test definition file).
> >From here, the next steps will be to set it up to submit test results to a
> >From here, the next steps will be to set it up to submit test results to a
> dashboard, which requires a server to be setup, and also re-evaluate the
> current set of shell scripts to see redundancies with ctest could be pruned
> out.

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