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Re: [Bacula-devel] [Bacula-users] Improving job schedulingflexibility

> > =>   Job Proximity = <time-interval>  (0)
> > => Finally Job Proximity is to allow a bit of overlap.  For example,
> a
> > job has => been running 20 minutes or ran 20 minutes ago, you might
> to
> > not apply => the rules.
> >
> > Could you elaborate on what this means to you a bit more?
> I think I was confused and stated it backwards.  Anyway, the Job
> directive was proposed by David Boyes, so perhaps he could give us a
> definitive definition :-)

My suggestion was to define it as the minimum guard time between
executions of a specific job -- ie, if a job was scheduled within Job
Proximity number of seconds, it would be considered a duplicate and

Personally, I really think it's time to pull job scheduling OUT of
Bacula. This is reaching the complexity of a real job scheduling system,
and taxing Bacula with the intricacies of schedule and calendar
management on any real enterprise scale is not something that you want
to do in a individual application. 

BTW, getting an enterprise scheduler on par with something like OPC or
TWS in an open-source project -- there's real money in that. 

-- db

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