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Re: [Bacula-devel] Improving job scheduling flexibility


On Saturday 23 February 2008, Kern Sibbald wrote:
> My current idea is to create a new "DuplicateJobs" resource and a new
> Duplicate Jobs directive which would point to the duplicate jobs resource.
> The reason for the resource is that there are just too many different
> variations that it would require a lot of new directives, and it seems a
> shame to add them to every Job.

While your point about redundant setups for different jobs is certainly valid, 
I also like Marc's opinion that directives in JobDefs ressources probably 
would be sufficient. Configuration of existing ressources is more simple than 
understanding the meaning of a new ressource. Adding a new ressource would 
not help the ease of use, esp. for beginners.

> DuplicateJobs {
>   Name = "xxx"
>   Allow = yes|no          (no = default)

While I personally in fact don't need duplicate jobs: Wouldn't your proposal 
modify the default behavior of the system, raising some problems for some 

>   Job Proximity = <time-interval>  (0)

Great idea.

Thx for your efforts,

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