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Re: [Bacula-devel] libdbi backend to catalog database

On Sun, Feb 24, 2008 at 09:02:59PM +0100, Kern Sibbald wrote:
> I think you should add a new configure option:
>   --with-dbi-driver=xxx
> this will be a bit complicated, because you will need to check if xxx is one 
> of our supported databases, then find the path to the program so that it can 
> be properly put into the scripts so that the tables will be created.
> You need to set two variables for substitution:
>    SQL_BINDIR       points to directory where binary program resides
>    DB_TYPE           the name of the binary program (e.g. pgres, mysql, ...)
> Once you have defined those two substitution variables in configure.in, 
> everything should work correctly.

But then we loose part the flexibility which dbi gives us otherwise. I
always hated that database backend of bacula was configured
compile-time. This way it was impossible to create generic binary
packages with Bacula. So in the PLD (Linux distribution I make some packages
for) we provide binary bacula packages with sqlite support (the worst
backend, but with the least extra requirements like a server set up) and
if anyone wanted something else he had to compile the packages manually
with special options.

So, I was very happy when read about the DBI support. That would solve
the last Bacula problem bothering me. But the suggestion above would
break the thing again.

IMHO it should be possible to compile Bacula in a such way so it could
work with any database, depending only on the runtime configuration and,
maybe, simple manual database setup (calling the right scripts to
initialize the database).

I am sure that many Linux distribution will include usable Bacula
packages (not limited to single database engine like sqlite or mysql)
when multiple database support in Bacula will be ready.


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