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Re: [Bacula-devel] libdbi backend to catalog database


>  > >  > 2- Review the options ./configure --with-dbi
>  What needs reviewing here?
>  > >  > 3- To solve/review the make install when ./configure --with-dbi.
>  > >  > Currently,the database scripts don't  is installed on system by make
>  > >  > install command.
>  Can you explain the make install problem a bit more?  i.e. exactly what
>  scripts need to be installed?

Traditionaly, if I need install Bacula with mysql, I do:
./configure --with-mysql; make; make install

And in my /etc/bacula/ some scripts has installed to create the
databases like make_bacula_tables or create_bacula_databases.

But if I need libdbi, make don't install any scripts. Think about this
I don't found a good solution.

Make install do not install any scripts or them install every script
to all supported  database, like mysql and postgresql and in
/etc/bacula we will found:


And the user choice what script need to run.

Maybe in configure script is the better create a second option to use
in conjunction --with-dbi option. Like --with-dbd, if the user enter
--with-dbd=mysql, the scripts for mysql will be installaed. If not
enter the --with-dbd every scripts for all databases can be installed
or nothing scripts is installed.

That is my doubt.

>  > >  > 4- Review in bscan patchs
You anwser my question in past mail

>  > >  > 5- Documentation to install, configure and compiling bacula and libdbi
In progress..

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