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Re: [Bacula-devel] libdbi backend to catalog database

Very good notice

On Fri, Feb 22, 2008 at 2:42 PM, Kern Sibbald <kern@xxxxxxxxxxx> wrote:
> Hello João,
>  I had a few problems integrating your patch into the SVN trunk, but it is now
>  in, and I would appreciate it if you could test it to make sure it got in
>  correctly.
>  Things that are different:
>  - Most of your changes to autoconf/config.h.in failed, but I think the
>   essential ones got in.
>  - Some of your changes to configure.in were rejected, but it seems to
>   be OK.
Really, autoconf/config.h and configure.in is two files much boring to
do. But I need read and learning more about this.

>  - You had included changes to cats.h and sql.c that I aready had in the svn so
>   they caused failures.
Yes, in svn (sql.c and cats.h) SQL_TYPE_POSTGRE. I changed to

>  - I had to turn off the change that you made to dird/bacula-dir.conf.in, since
>  your change would probably break the default behavior, and would be a bit
>  confusing to most users.

>  - I had to move the port option from -p to -t.  You cannot simply change the
>  meaning of an option -- that could break users scripts, even though the -p
>  option is not often used.  In addition, the -p is used in other programs to
>  have the same meaning.  If necessary we can discuss changing this, but we
>  need to look at it carefully.
No problem.

>  I have run the regression scripts using MySQL here, and it works, now I am
>  running the full tape regression tests, but all seems OK -- that is nothing
>  is broken.  I haven't yet tried to configure or run a dbi driver.   Hopefully
>  I can get to that next week.
>  Thanks for all the hard work.  Please take a look at how the code went in, and
>  tomorrow I will take a look at your list of questions or remaining things to
>  be done ...

In svn trunk, everything is Ok. compiling and run without problems.

>  > The following itens need some work or review:
>  >
>  > 1- Implement bath insert with dbi

Now, I will starting this item.

>  > 2- Review the options ./configure --with-dbi
>  > 3- To solve/review the make install when ./configure --with-dbi.
>  > Currently,the database scripts don't  is installed on system by make
>  > install command.
>  > 4- Review in bscan patchs
>  > 5- Documentation to install, configure and compiling bacula and libdbi
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