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Re: [Bacula-devel] Pre-alpha version of Bacula plugins working


On Thursday 14 February 2008, Kern Sibbald wrote:
> Mark today in your calendar.  Bacula just did its first backup and restore
> of a MySQL database using a plugin. I did it with using a simplistic "pipe"
> plugin.

despite some other comments: What you have designed and implemented is of 
immense value value for me. Thank you very much! It is straight forward, easy 
to use, and it seems to work quite well. Wow. Great. Astonishing. 
Fantastic. :)

The encapsulation provided by the plugin interface seems to be quite hands-on 
and provides (almost) everything that is required while giving users exactly 
the power they require. The bpipe plugin, on the other hand, is exactly what 
will be usable for most users out there - out of the box.

I'm sure you already have that on your radar; nonetheless, I'd like to mention 
that (if I understood things right...) currently plugins -- and the 
reader/writer executables in the bpipe plugin -- do not have access to the 
target directory specification during restore ("where"; the same holds true 
for the "replace" setting). In the case of the mysql sample you provided, it 
might be good to be able to restore to a different database, or rename the 
tables in a way that resembles the target directory (e.g. restoring table 
foo, "where"=/tmp/restore, could result in the generation of table 
foo.tmp.restore or sth. like that. Of course, that is up to the author of the 
respective reader/writer scripts/programs).

While I suspect that you already have a solution for that in mind: if there is 
anything I can do to help you - feel free to ask :)

Oh, for that matter: Once the bpipe plugin knows about these data, it might 
pass them to the readers/writers via the environment, or via some "%w" 
and "%r" flags?

Thx again for your efforts!

PS: Beauty is in the eye of the beer holder ;) While the syntax you created 
may or may not be "beautiful", it works. This is what matters.

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