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Re: [Bacula-devel] new catalog backup script

Kern Sibbald wrote:
> Hello Dan,
> On Wednesday 13 February 2008 12.47:22 Dan Langille wrote:
>> I've been in touch with the Ubuntu folks regarding our backup script.  Ante
>> Karamatić has sent me a script which parses bacula-dir.conf to extract the
>> login information.  The script is invoked with the name of the Catalog you
>> wish to backup.
>> This has two benefits:
>> - There is nothing for the user to configure.  It uses bacula-dir.conf
>> - no passwords
> Yes, this is nice.  I trust that it is driven by the database name within 
> Bacula since Bacula can have multiple catalogs ...

It is driven by Catalog name.  Even better I think.

>> The initial proof-of-concept script was written in Python and worked only
>> with MySQL.  After they got it working, they sent it to me and I quickly
>> got it working with PostgreSQL.
> Great. 
>> Ubuntu are now asking us if awk would be preferable over Pyton?
> I suspect that awk would be much more portable on Unix systems.
> However, it might even be a good idea to write a simple tool for Bacula in 
> C/C++ that will extract the information.  That way, it would be portable to 
> any system including Win32.

I suspect they won't care much about Win32.  :)

> If it is already written in Python, and no one really wants to program in 
> C/C++ I will even volunteer for the project.  It would be nice to see their 
> Python program as they may have some good ideas for a simple parser.

Well, the Python stuff was just a proof of concept.  I have the code and 
tested it, but it didn't cater for all possibilities (optional fields, etc).

>> My opinion: awk will be in the base system of most operating systems.
>> Python might not be.  Both are acceptable to me.
>> After we get the devel opinion, we'll post this to users@ too.
> Yes, this is a very nice solution.  Please thank them for their ideas and for 
> working on it :-)

Will do.

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