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Re: [Bacula-devel] is this code intentionally?

<kern@xxxxxxxxxxx> aka Kern Sibbald  schrieb
mit Datum Sat, 9 Feb 2008 08:36:38 +0100 in m2n.bacula.devel:

|> Hmm...  Looks like a new-style context diff to me... (TM Larry Wall)
|> diff -c -C 3 from-file to-file

Well, I was thinking that this is more-or-less the traditional
standard format, and therefore suitable for such lurkers-by who are
not supposed to have an active repository checkout and are not 
sworn into the local conventions. ;)

|Well, I figured it out, but I much prefer the "unified" diff, which is pretty 
|much universally used.
|   diff -u from-file to-file

Understood. The next one comes tailormade, fresh from the kitchen. :)

|> > correct to me, so I have applied it to my working copy which will be
|> > committed to the trunk sometime today.

Thank You! The next suggestion is already on the move...


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