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Re: [Bacula-devel] "buffer overflow detected" error on fedora distributions.


For those of you following this discussion, or who may have had problems
building 2.2.8 on systems with glibc 2.7+, I have released
bacula-2.2.8-2 rpm packages. This release includes a new source rpm as
well as Fedora 8 binaries which tested OK for me. This fix should work
for any platform which experienced this problem.

Bacula-2.2 RPM Release Notes
09 February 2008
D. Scott Barninger
<barninger at fairfieldcomputers dot com>

Release 2.2.8-2

These release notes refer to the rpm packaging only.
Please refer to the release notes and changelog in the
tarball or on sourceforge for complete information on all changes.

* Miscellaneous *

Correction for FORTIFY_SOURCE flag default setting that causes false
buffer overflow detection with glibc >= 2.7 (Fedora 8).

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