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Re: [Bacula-devel] Bacula feature request:


Thanks for the Feature Request.  This is a feature that I have wanted to see 
for some time.  I'm impressed to receive a patch that in addition to the code 
contains the documentation -- a *really* nice surprise.

I'll take a careful look at the patch in the next few days and get back to 

Best regards,


On Thursday 07 February 2008 23.32:03 Bailey, Scott wrote:
> Item 1:	(Optionally) force backups to be upgraded more aggressively
> Origin:	Scott Bailey <scott dot bailey at eds dot com>
> Date:		7 February 2008
> Status:	"I can't believe he did that" draft patch attached
> What:		Add "Max Full Age" specifier to job definitions
> Why:		Bacula's current behavior is to force an incremental or
> 		differential backup to be upgraded to a full backup if
> no previous
> 		successful backup is found. In practice, this means that
> bacula
> 		discovers no full backup exists and tries to create a
> replacement
> 		*AFTER* you have eliminated your last good full backup.
> :-(
> 		This proposal allows this behavior to be modified, i.e.
> addition
> 		of "Max Full Age = 1 month" to a job definition causes
> the next
> 		backup to become a full backup if no full has completed
> 		successfully during the previous month. This provides a
> proactive
> 		safety net in the event jobs, retries, etc. have not
> succeeded in
> 		generating a good full backup within some expected
> interval.
> 		It also simplifies scheduling for sites (such as my
> house) where
> 		precise scheduling of backups is unimportant but the
> general cycle
> 		is known. Presently, multiple systems on the same
> schedule have
> 		full backups that pile up; jobs at the end of the queue
> time out
> 		and are cancelled before they can run. They then tend
> not to be
> 		noticed, resulting in an endless chain of incrementals
> in the event
> 		a restore is required. The proposed behavior allows a
> simple daily
> 		incremental schedule with a suitable Max Full Age
> specifier to
> 		automatically generate full backups as required without
> further
> 		attention or intervention.
> Notes:	If this specifier is not used, existing behavior is preserved.
> 		It is anyone's guess if the logic in the attached patch
> actually
> 		works as I intended or described. :-) It compiles
> against head
> 		without errors.

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