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[Bacula-devel] Bacula feature request:

Item 1:	(Optionally) force backups to be upgraded more aggressively
Origin:	Scott Bailey <scott dot bailey at eds dot com>
Date:		7 February 2008
Status:	"I can't believe he did that" draft patch attached

What:		Add "Max Full Age" specifier to job definitions

Why:		Bacula's current behavior is to force an incremental or
		differential backup to be upgraded to a full backup if
no previous
		successful backup is found. In practice, this means that
		discovers no full backup exists and tries to create a
		*AFTER* you have eliminated your last good full backup.

		This proposal allows this behavior to be modified, i.e.
		of "Max Full Age = 1 month" to a job definition causes
the next
		backup to become a full backup if no full has completed
		successfully during the previous month. This provides a
		safety net in the event jobs, retries, etc. have not
succeeded in
		generating a good full backup within some expected

		It also simplifies scheduling for sites (such as my
house) where
		precise scheduling of backups is unimportant but the
general cycle
		is known. Presently, multiple systems on the same
schedule have
		full backups that pile up; jobs at the end of the queue
time out
		and are cancelled before they can run. They then tend
not to be
		noticed, resulting in an endless chain of incrementals
in the event
		a restore is required. The proposed behavior allows a
simple daily
		incremental schedule with a suitable Max Full Age
specifier to
		automatically generate full backups as required without
		attention or intervention.

Notes:	If this specifier is not used, existing behavior is preserved.

		It is anyone's guess if the logic in the attached patch
		works as I intended or described. :-) It compiles
against head
		without errors.

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