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Re: [Bacula-devel] New manual format

> Recently, I split the Bacula documentation (800+ pages) into the
> 7
> documents:
>   Concepts and Overview Guide
>   Installation and Configuration Guide
>   Console and Operators Guide
>   Problem Resolution Guide
>   Catalog Database Guide
>   Utility Programs
>   Developers' Guide

I'd suggest separating installation and configuration (they're really
two very different problems), replacing the configuration part with two
additional sections: 

Administrator Reference: detail description of each keyword and
parameter syntax and limitations on what they do. You might pull the
reference information from the catalog guide and utility programs into
major sections of this document. You've got a console and operators
guide, but I don't see anyplace specific I'd go to get the exact gory
details of a particular parameter.

Administrator's Guide: which could cover discussion of the details of
why you might want to do something a particular way. The admin reference
covers the precise details of the commands and configuration statements,
the admin guide discusses why you might want to do it that way and gives

More of a joke, but I'll ask anyway: have you considered a messages and
codes manual? I know I'm being old-fashioned and mainframe-y and all
that , but it'd be really helpful to be able to look up a message and
know what component it related to and maybe some reasons that would
cause that message. I don't see anywhere obvious in this structure where
I'd look for that kind of information. It'd be a real help to the
translators too, I'd bet. 

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