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Re: [Bacula-devel] BUG: 2.2.6 on Debian

Kern> On Monday 04 February 2008 17.36:56 John Stoffel wrote:
>> Kern,
>> Another bug report on Debian, using version 2.2.8.
>> Basically, when you run 'update slots', the status of volumes that
>> were in the library, but are now removed, does not get updated to
>> reflect that their slot number should be 'zero'

Kern> Are you reporting a real problem that you have seen in
Kern> operation, or are you just imagining there might be a problem?

Both.  :]

Kern> If it is the former, please explain what it breaking.  If it is
Kern> the latter, you should bring this up first on the bacula-users
Kern> list so they can fill you in on all the details.


Kern> In the output below, you don't show two important things: 1. the
Kern> InChanger flag (as mentioned by Frank), and 2. the StorageId.

Ok, now that I realize there's an actual flag in the DB for InChanger
status, which gets updated, I see that it's working.  But I still
wonder why, if you update the InChanger status to be 0, you don't also
update the Slot to be Zero as well?

As a matter of fact, it doesn't seem to make any sense at all to have
the InChanger flag, since by definition if the Slot > 0, then it is in
the changer.

Now I can see that "Which" changer is a valid question, and would be
related to the StorageId value.  


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