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Re: [Bacula-devel] libdbi backend to catalog database

>>>>> "Kern" == Kern Sibbald <kern@xxxxxxxxxxx> writes:

Kern> On Friday 01 February 2008 16.44:48 David Boyes wrote:
>> > Is possible to add one more argument like char *db_type, this indicate
>> > what driver libdbi will use?. So Bacula uses db_init_database  in
>> > various places... and need to change them too.
>> Why not add a /etc/bacula/dbms.conf file that the admin can edit to
>> indicate the installed database type and read your database type
>> information from there? I think it's unlikely that there will be more than
>> one database type in an individual Bacula install. Then you can do the
>> db_name_init once and not have to touch the rest of the code.

Kern> I have fewer problems with the idea of touching the code than
Kern> with adding another configuration file with possibly a different
Kern> syntax. In fact, it would probably take more code than what I am
Kern> proposing to read the database type from a separate file.

I agree that making another seperate config file is a bad idea.  

Kern> When the Bacula drivers become shared objects, Bacula will be
Kern> capable of working with multiple different database types
Kern> simultaneously so any new implementation should include that
Kern> possibility.

So why is this a good thing?  I've never understood the idea to have
different catalogs either, or what the design goal is.  

Should I be using different catalogs for each client?  Should I be
using different Pools for each client?  


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