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Re: [Bacula-devel] libdbi backend to catalog database


I am really pleased to see that you are making progress.  Please don't forget 
to email me a copy of the code, in its current state.  Doing so, can avoid 
doing more work later as I will be able to give you early comments.

Concerning the design problem where you need to know the driver type:  I have 
been planning to turn the drivers into shared objects at some point and so 
what you are asking for is what will also be needed at that point.

I would be interested to hear comments from other people on this list, but 
rather than overload an existing directive my inclination would be to create 
a new directive named:

  DB Driver = "mysql" ...

or in your case it can be:

  DB Driver = "libdbi:mysql"  or "libdbi:postgres", ...

Note, once we have shared objects, in your case, two pieces of information are 
needed by Bacula: 1. your driver name (libdbi or whatever you want), and 2. 
the driver you are going to load.  Obviously, in the current situation where 
the Bacula driver is compiled in, the "libdbi" is not currently needed, but 
that won't hurt anything.

Then make a new db_ call which would be:

  db_load_driver(JCR *jcr, const char *db_driver);

At the moment, this would do nothing except save the name passed in the jcr 
structure.  Then in your libdbi db_init_database() code, you will be able to 
parse the name to find what driver to call.  Later, the db_load_driver() code 
will be enhanced to actually load the appropriate shared object library ...

If everyone agrees on this, I'll be happy to add the necessary "core" code for 

Best regards,


On Friday 01 February 2008 02.03:31 João Henrique Freitas wrote:
> Hello,
> This is a status report of the work to implement libdbi in Bacula.
> In my tests *All regression tests running*. Now I fix some things
> after post the code here.
> I have a design problem:
> The libdbi API need know what dbms we want to use and load the correct
> driver. For exemple mysql, pgsql, sqlite3, etc...
> Actually, in mysql.c, postgresql.c and dbi.c the scope of funcion
> db_init_database is:
>  B_DB *
> db_init_database(JCR *jcr, const char *db_name, const char *db_user,
> const char *db_password,
>                  const char *db_address, int db_port, const char
> *db_socket, int mult_db_connections)
> Is possible to add one more argument like char *db_type, this indicate
> what driver libdbi will use?. So Bacula uses db_init_database  in
> various places... and need to change them too.
> OR
> The argument char *db_name would be: mysql:bacula where mysql indicate
> a driver to libdbi and bacula is the name of database.
> Like this in bacula-dir.conf:
> Catalog {
>   Name = MyCatalog
>   dbaddress =; dbport = 5432; dbname = "mysql:bacula"; user
> = bacula; password = "bacula"
> }
> On db_init_database, we split db_name and everything will be done
> right without change in others places of the code.
> I don't want to change others places of Bacula. What is the best solution?
> Thanks

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