Get instant help with your Linux problems

Whether your usual system administrator is on vacation, quit, or you don’t even have one, Copilotco can help you out of your jam.

In a matter of seconds you could be speaking with a friendly, US based, native English speaking, Linux expert who has years of experience in resolving emergencies like yours. From troubleshooting security problems to quickly resolving hardware/disk failures and crashed systems, our Linux experts can fix your problem.

Call any time, day or night.

To get help in the fastest way possible please follow the Emergency Help Checklist:

  1. Understand that the hourly rate is $200/hr with a 1hr minimum
  2. Email the following info (we can’t start without it!) to
    • Name
    • Company Name
    • Company Billing Address
    • Contact/Callback Phone Number
  3. Call 858-349-5912
  4. Select 2 for technical support
  5. Say “I need emergency Linux help!”

Se habla español!

Real words from very satisfied customers…

“You did a great job! It was really fast. Our ISP’s support didn’t answer the phone but you did and you fixed it. Thank you!”
Justin Boyd,
“Super job!
Thanks again for all your help. You’re a joy to work with when there are problems!”
Doug McCallister,


Justin Boyd: Can you fix it?
Copilotco: Yes, I’m sure we can fix it.
Justin Boyd: ASAP please!
Justin Boyd: oh god…not doing anything, just praying

Justin Boyd: reboot it again?
Copilotco: Yes please. Reboot now.
Justin Boyd: Done.
Justin Boyd: ?
Copilotco: We’re looking good here…
Copilotco: You are back in business, my friend.
Justin: I love you.